【text】Lecture: Anthropogenic-Biogenic Interaction in Secondary Organic Aerosol Formation and Heterogeneous Distribution Of Volatile Organic Compounds in Atomspheric Surface


International Media Education Institute is a non independent legal person Sino foreign cooperative school running institution officially approved by the Ministry of education in September 2014. It is a direct subordinate unit of Communication University of China. The International Institute of media education is the first Chinese foreign cooperative school running institution of comprehensive media disciplines approved by the Ministry of education in China, with the approval certificate No. moe11usa02dnr20141596n.

The college aims to gather global elites It is a good way for students to be familiar with global media, have the ability to participate in international communication, and be able to participate in international communication of Chinese talents Bit. The college, together with the University of Missouri Columbia in the United States and Nottingham Trent University in the United Kingdom, has complementary advantages to carry out undergraduate and master level education.