A Brief Overview of the Faculty of International Media (ICUC)

In September 2014, ICUC was approved by the Ministry of Education as the no separate legal entity in Sino-foreign education. ICUC is a subordinate unit of Communication University of China (CUC). ICUC is the first Sino-foreign cooperative education institution in the Communication field approved by the Ministry of Education in China with a certificate no. of MOE11USA02DNR20141596N.

Adopting the philosophy of “pooling global elites and disseminating Chinese culture and values”, ICUC aims to cultivate multi-talented individuals with a global communication competency. Participating students will become more familiar with global communication rules and will be better equipped to collaborate in world affairs. Our students will have a competitive advantage in their ability to use advanced technological means to disseminate and share positive Chinese values, wisdom and stories, both domestically and with the wider international community. Students can participate or lead international projects, ones that contribute to China’s development and internationalization. Collectively, ICUC takes advantage of the most prestigious programs at CUC by adopting a new integrated approach in a variety of disciplines including, art, technology and communication. All of this forms the basics of the “1+N” innovative model. In order to introduce world-leading education and teaching resources, ICUC has established partnerships with the University of Missouri, Columbia and Nottingham Trent University. These offer both undergraduate and graduate programs.

At present, ICUC has about 700 bachelor’s and master’s students on campus. In 2019, the first batch of 140 undergraduates graduated from ICUC. Fifty seven of these students, representing 40.7% of the total number of graduates, chose to study outside the Chinese mainland. Forty of these students, or 70% of those going abroad, went to universities listed in the Top 100 QS Ranking, including the University of London, Johns Hopkins University, the London School of Economics and Political Science, New York University and other first-class global institutions. Five of the students, or 3.6% chose to continue their studies in domestic universities. Seventy of them, or 50% of the total, began their professional careers, with most of them choosing to work in international organizations, large enterprises and institutions.

Till today, ICUC has established the mechanism of having fulltime faculty from our partner universities residing and teaching in China. Based on the needs of the teaching curriculum, ICUC and its partner institutions jointly recruit qualified lecturers.

All of the lecturers sent by the partner schools to CUC have received their education and taught overseas. More than 50% hold doctoral degrees or academic titles above that of an associate professor. In addition, ICUC invites famous lecturers, professors, and doctoral tutors from Communication University of China to provide lectures. Among the lecturers assigned by our overseas partner universities, professors and associate professors account for more than one-third.